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Hot Lead Hard Fury


Fist of Frankenstein 
 We are proud to release this 4 page comic book which sets up the story of our next feature film.  It introduces the character of KT Streeter- a reluctant undercover agent with special powers sent on a dangerous mission into the heart of the criminal underworld.  It's a classic noir story at its core-wrapped up in layers of martial arts and old school horror!  The comic book was written by Mike Olafson and Scorpio Steele, and beautifully designed and illustrated by Scorpio Steele.  

Fist of Frankenstein Comics Brochure 8.5
Fist of Frankenstein Comics Brochure 8.5
Fist of Frankenstein Comics Brochure 8.5
Fist of Frankenstein Comics Brochure 8.5


Gears, Grease and Guitars
Director Mike Olafson spent 2 years documenting Denver's history of rock and roll and hot rodding- a match made in America.  In 2008 he premiered his film to a sold out crowds and it has gained attention from viewers around the world. 

Olafson removed it from circulation in 2012 but under the American Vintage Pictures banner it is scheduled to stream on the new PulpFlixx network. Details soon


From Beyond

New Mexico Territory, 1873:  Occult Detective tony monaco, a mysterious fortune teller named Domino, and a team of outlaw comancheros race a powerful sorcerer and his demon riders to find an ancient aztec treasure that hides beneath a lost spanish mission.  but for some adventurers, a more supernatural reward awaits. Filmed in 16mm, this is our homage to those gritty and stylish italo-spanish-french westerns made in the sixties and Seventies- with a dash of the supernatural!  Look for the graphic novel soon! 


Motor Vixens 
A lonely highway, 1965.  The paths of five travelers intersect as a killer is loose on the road.  Shot in high contrast black and white 16mm, this is Olafson's 18 minute tribute to sixties indie film maverick Russ Meyer.  Soon to be streaming on PULPFLIXX. 


The Amulet of Atlantis

As a writer, Mike Olafson has written features and shorts, but also published his vintage adventure novel back in 2005.  Set in 1938, it weaves a tale of intrigue, suspense and adventure in the wilds of the African jungles.  If you enjoy James Bond, Indiana Jones and Doc Savage- this book has all three elements!  The novel is available through   Click HERE to buy. 

For fans of true life
Indiana Jones tales, 
this is the book for you! 22 tales of true adventure from the "shadows" of history! Beautiful cover and illustrations by Simon Pritchard. Click HERE to buy.   


Forgotten Frontiers

7890 S. Race St. 

Centennial, CO  80122

American Vintage Pictures


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